Abrasive Grit Size



 Abrasive Grainsgrit Size|Grit Size|Coarse grain|Firestone AbrasivesAbrasive Grainsgrit Size|Grit Size|Medium grain|Firestone AbrasivesAbrasive Grainsgrit Size|Grit Size|Finer grain|Firestone Abrasives
Grit #16~2430~6070~120
Grit SizeCoarseMediumFine
EfficiencyMore Aggressive Less Aggressive
Grinding applicationStock Removal Polishing
Cutting applicationFast cut Precise cut

Depends on the application, different size of the grain may be applied to the work piece.


Greater number = Coarse grain.

Abrasive wheel with coarse grain can remove work piece material at a large rate. It would leave a deeper gouge, suitable for heavy stock removal.

Lesser number = Finer grain.

Finer grain removes lesser work piece material. It is suitable for cutting expensive material, does not remove excess amount of expensive material.

Application: Non-ferrous metal, non-metal material, glass.