Resin Fiber Disc

Resin Fiber Discs are made with heavy duty vulcanize fiber as backing, then coated with phenolic resin and abrasive grain. The vulcanized fiber backing can provide high tension strength to hold abrasive grain together. Resin fiber disc’s flexible and durable characteristic allows maximum contact to work piece area. It can be found in many industries such as shipyards, construction, masonry and carpenter. Resin fiber disc is ideal for general grinding, heavy rust cleaning and heavy coating removal.

 The resin fiber disc can be operated with a pneumatic or electric angle grinder. There must be a disc holder between the grinder and the resin fiber disc. The disc holder material can be rubber, plastic or other composite material.

 The choice of selection abrasive grain depends on the application. 

A, Brown Fused Alumina. Application for low carbon steel and other general-purpose uses.

C, Black Silicon Carbine. Application for masonry, stone, concrete, aluminum, plastics, wood and other nonmetal material.

Product made by Firestone are reliable and well built. They are 100% made by Firestone in Taiwan. We inspect the quality from raw material to the final product. We can accept small quantity customized orders to meet the customer’s demand.

At firestone abrasive, safety is always the first priority. To ensure user safety, we would spot check each lot number with an in-house developed stress testing device. Then the spot check sample is checked manually to ensure the balance is faultless.

 Resin Fiber Discs’ quality and shape can be affected by external humidity factor. It is very sensitive to humidity and may absorb a large quantity of moisture if it is not stored in a proper condition, thus may affect its performance greatly. To reduce the chances of being influenced by humidity, we have packaged the resin fiber disc in to sealed zipper bag. If there are unused resin fiber discs, please seal them back to the zipper bag.  We suggested storing resin fiber disc in dry and cool place for long term to ensure maximum product performance. Under proper indoor storage conditions (such as protection from direct or indirect sunlight exposure, and extreme temperature) Firestone resin fiber disc has shelved life of 4 years.