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Alias:Fiber Disc, Sanding Disc, Fiber Sanding Disc, Vulcanized fiber disc.

Resin Fiber Discs are made with heavy-duty vulcanized fiber as backing, then coated with phenolic resin and abrasive grain. The vulcanized fiber backing can provide high tensile strength to hold abrasive grain together. Resin fiber discs' flexible and durable characteristic allows maximum contact with the workpiece area. It can be found in many industries such as shipyards, construction, masonry, and carpentry. Resin fiber disc is ideal for general grinding, heavy rust cleaning, and heavy coating removal. It can be mounted on a pneumatic or electric angle grinder.

Fiber Disc|Vulcanized Fiber Disc|Fiber Disc Manufacturer


Fiber Disc|Vulcanized Fiber Disc|Fiber Disc Manufacturer


Fiber Disc|Vulcanized Fiber Disc|Fiber Disc Manufacturer



Abrasive Grain Application

Zirconia Alumina (ZA)

It is made by fusing alumina and zirconia with electric arc furnace under high temperature.
Feature: Highly wear resistant, very durable, self-sharpening, outperform brown fused alumina.

Application: General metal, stainless steel.


Black Silicon Carbide (C)

Black silicon carbide uses silica sand andpetroleum coke as raw material. The mixture is synthesized with Acheson process.
Hardness: Lower than diamond, higher than brown fused alumina.
Feature: Sharp, high hardness, brittle.

Application: Non-ferrous metal, non-metal material, masonry, cement, wood.


Safety Guides:

  1. Use a variety of safety equipment to protect the eye, face, and body.
  2. Always use a backing pad and safety guard.
  3. The backing pad diameter should be smaller than the fiber discs by 10 ~ 30mm.
  4. Always check mounting flanges for equal and correct diameters.
  5. Allow newly mounted discs paper to run at operating speed, with the guard in place, for a reasonable time before grinding.
  6. The grinding angle is ideal from 15 to 30 degrees.
  7. Do not store it in high temperatures, high humidity, or excessively dry place.
  8. Please store the remaining unused fiber disc back in the plastic bag.


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