Safety Guide

Safety Guides:

- ALWAYS handle and store wheels in a careful manner.
- ALWAYS visually inspect all wheels before mounting for any possible damage.
- ALWAYS make sure operating speed established for machine does not exceed wheel speed.
- ALWAYS check mounting flanges for equal and correct diameter.
- ALWAYS use mounting blotters when supplied with wheels.
- ALWAYS wear safety glasses to protect your eyes.
- ALWAYS use a safety guard covering at least one-half of the wheel diameters.
- ALWAYS allow newly mounted wheels to run at operating speed with guard in place for at least one minute before grinding process.

- DON'T use a wheel that has been dropped.
- DON'T force a wheel onto the spindle or alter the hole size of the wheel.
- DON'T exceed maximum operation speed established for the wheel.
- DON'T use dirty, nicked, warped or sprung mounting flanges.
- DON'T tighten the mounting nut excessively.
- DON'T grind on the side of the wheel unless the wheel is specifically designed for that purpose.
- DON'T start machine without safety guard in place.
- DON'T jam work into the wheel.
- DON'T stand directly in front of a grinding wheel whenever a grinder is started.
- DON'T grind or cut material for which the wheel is not designed.