Sand Screen Disc

 Sand screen disc is composed of abrasive grain, phenolic resin and other filler. The mixture is coated on the glass fiber to create an open structure with large pores, which allows the wheel to operate and cool down easily without generating excess heat. The open structure of the wheel is clogged resistance. It is excellent for removing non-metal and other soft material at a fast rate.

The sand screen disc can be operated with a pneumatic or electric angle grinder

Currently, Firestone produces Type 1 Sand screen disc. It is designed for straight angle cutting only. It should not be used for grinding.

Product made by Firestone are reliable and well built. They are 100% made by Firestone in Taiwan. We inspect the quality from raw material to the final product. We can accept small quantity customized orders to meet the customer’s demand.

At firestone abrasive, safety is always the first priority. To ensure user safety, we would spot check each lot number with an in-house developed stress testing device. Then the spot check sample is checked manually to ensure the balance is faultless.








Under proper indoor storage conditions (such as protection from direct or indirect sunlight exposure, and extreme temperature) Firestone sand screen disc has shelved life of  3 years.