About Firestone

Firestone Abrasive is a manufacturer that produces Fast Cutting, High Performance, and Long Lasting bonded and coated abrasive products.

We have two manufacturing plants in Tainan, Taiwan, and in Guangzhou, China. We have been improving our product quality and management through the valuable feedback of our customers. Our commitment is to uphold consistent and quality products. We believe highly in the use of advanced self-developed machinery and strict quality control to uphold this commitment and to ensure our customer's satisfaction every time. Products from Firestone Abrasives are used worldwide and can be the answer to your need for cutting and grinding. With Firestone's reliable abrasive product, we ensure end users can deliver outstanding workpiece results。


Slogan: Light up your work!

Vision: Product quality made by Firestone are comparable with top tier brand.



1)Safety: Safety is the top priority. Promote correct product safety practices.  

2)Quality: Ensure product quality consistency. Reduce the quality difference between each batch.

3)Service: Firestone will make changes and improvements based on our valuable customer feedback.